About Me

I am a paediatrician and had my post graduate training in the Mecca of medical education, PGIMER chandigarh. After my post graduate degree worked as a senior resident in the same department for 3 years and wanted to be a part of the faculty team there, every one thought I had the job for asking, but destiny had some other plans for me. Not getting selected for faculty job, left me high and dry, and willy nilly I had to come to private practice, though I knew in heart of my hearts that it was not my cup of tea.
Practice is an entirely different ball game and I felt like on a ship on an uncharted path. More than professional skills and knowledge the ability to get patient is dictated by being a part of nexus and net work, otherwise the journey is painfully slow and at times unnerving. I chose the harder way.

To make an impact, in 1985 I started a small inpatient facility, and the emphasis was on neonatal care, this was for the first time in the entire region that we made neonatal care available, I and my wife worked together, day and night, and we worked as right from a nurse to experts, it showed results and we gradually found our feet, but it started to take heavy toll, we could not go on like this for ever.

I floated an idea of group practice in 1999 and with the help of a few right minded colleagues who really put their money on the project, EKTA Institute of Child Health was born and it became pivotal centre over next 10 years. In 2002 we got our institution accredited for Diploma in National board and now we have post graduate students, where we can teach and train them and our very good results are there for everybody to see.

Irked by the colossal, non productive expenditures in conferences with very little gains at the end of the day, I floated a concept of CME with a difference which was rechristened as AWESOME (An acronym for Academics With Excellence Science Only Minus Extravaganza) by our Mumbai colleagues. Next month we are celebrating the decade of this activity in Mumbai. This activity is done without any help from pharmaceutical industry, wholly on delegate fee, and largely the deliberations are interactive rather than didactic lectures. There are no frills!

Realising my social responsibilities and disillusioned by the corporate selector's in roads in to health care system with huge, unreasonable profit making as the primary motive and riding on the success of our low cost model, I am now seriously working on our health care model to be replicated in peripheral area. I am working hard on this, the plans are on the anvil, we hope to soon begin. --
Dr. Sanwar Agrawal